Let's learn about new Zoom security features, lock meeting, participants control, waiting room

1) welcome to latest security updates from zoom, you can now stop Zoom Bombing with this amazing features

2) If you are the host, on a paid account, you will see security option, you have lot of choices in a clear manner now

3) The most important is to disable screen share and lock meetings and enable waiting rooms (once your users are in and meeting has started)

4) First thing first, stop doing meetings with personal meeting ID, this is 1st step to a secure zoom, go to zoom.us/

5) I repeat setting up personal meeting ID will eventually lead to unwanted guests, so stop doing it, turn off two options

6) Now inside a meeting click on security icon

7) First and foremost take away share screen permission from participants, we will enable it one at a time, later

8) so un check share screen check mark as shown below, this is 1st step to a secure zoom

9) Double check, now lock meeting once participants are in and enable waiting room, that is get a check mark against them

10) We locked the meeting, Woo Hoo, No one can join, You can also enable a waiting room and let user in one by one

11) Here is enable waiting room option, turned on, OK folks, Enjoy ZOOM