How to leverage amazing poll feature of zoom to ask questions and poll participants in real time

1) poll is one of the coolest features of zoom, it works quite well in an educational setting, let's learn more

2) Understand that only paid customer of zoom can poll and only paid folks can turn on polling, so buy zoom subscription if you want poll

3) First log in to and go to, now turn on poll feature here

4) Now launch zoom meeting and invite folks, you will see poll feature in the footer bar

5) To launch polls in a meeting, click on poll button, and then click on add a question

6) You will be redirected to a web browser, type in question here and it is just like a survey, so fill up the form

7) ok we got a simple poll with single choice options, so let's go

8) basic stuff here, even your granny can do it, now hit save

9) we got poll inside meeting, now click on launch polling

10) and you have launched poll, you will see results in real time, that is the coolest part, to end just click on end polling

11) just share results with users and we are all set, woo hoo