How to create a private team or channel in Microsoft Teams

1) OK this stuff is super simple, let's watch this video to learn

2) Create team stuff is her

3) Create channel is 3 dots next to your team name

4) Now to create a public or private team click on join or create a team

5) Here you can create a team or join a team with a cod

6) Just follow the prompt, OK, It is super simple stuf

7) This is the place where you need to decide between Private and Public Teams, Private means invitation ONLY

8) and you can also choose public

9) ok just have fun here

10) To add a channel inside a team, simply click on 3 dots and move

11) and like teams, channel can also be public or private, we are done with this video, Woo Hoo.

12) How about one more info, Private is only for folks within a team and this stuff is invite ONLY, OK we are DONE.