How to check and delete large files from mac hard drive, how to get more space

1) OK we are out of hard drive space on our amazing Mac, What can we do, simple, find large files and delete them, delete old users

2) First mac sure that you finder can show hard drive, if not just tinker, with finder preferences and ask it to show hard drive

3) If you don't know what is finder, don't bother watching rest of video, hey dude, finder is mac file folder app

4) Right click on icon for hard drive and click on manage storage magic option, Don't you love Mac?

5) Click on manage storage and it will tell you all the junk files that you need to delete, I can save 20G here, think downloads

6) another trick is to go to settings and get rid of OLD users from your mac, some users never log back in, and take space

7) Unlock and delete unwanted users and you have save a whole bunch of space on Mac, Good job, Hello Windows?

8) here are steps: select a user, click on minus icon, unlock and delete user, enjoy mac