How to quickly find Cisco WebEx meeting ID, link, invite others and ensure mute on entry

1) OK we are inside Cisco Web Ex, secure meeting, But how to invite someone here?

2) The meeting info is here in this hidden icon, click on it

3) here you can copy meeting link, and meeting number and email someone this information

4) if you need password then click on down arrow icon

5) this will give you more info and help invite team members

6) you can also click on user icon to invite users who are on your team

7) To control participants settings click on 3 dots and then choose participant settings, you can also unlock meeting here

8) you can mute participants on entry

9) To invite team members click on user icon and then just search users

10) For audio video settings click on 3 dots and then select camera, microphone option

11) you can also have fun with video settings and enable mirror effect, Enjoy WebEx

12) We are done with this video, Bye from here.