What is G2 Grid, How is it different from Gartner Grid #G2 #Gartner #Grid?


G2 (formerly G2 Crowd)


is a peer-to-peer review site headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.



Grid is the main product of the company. 



Platform users can sign in with a LinkedIn account and can review the products they use. To encourage reviewers to participate, some users are compensated by G2 Crowd with gift cards, contest rewards and reputation points on the website.


G2 Crowd attempts to identify fraudulent user reviews through an algorithm that identifies employees at companies reviewing their own products and employees at companies reviewing their competitor's product.


What is G2 Grid? How is it differnet from Gartner’s magic quadrant review model?


Information from reviews is aggregated to score business software products on The GridSM[clarification needed], which acts as a competitor to Gartner’s magic quadrant review model.


Satisfaction and market presence ratings are generated based on product reviews and market presence data, which are then used to plot products onto a quadrant. The four quadrants in a G2 Crowd Grid are Leaders, High Performers, Contenders and Niche.


Let's explore how to see MyGuide on G2 Grid. 



Are you excited? Click Next :)

5) Click on "Search for Software and Services"

Enter term "MyGuide"

6) Click on "EdCast MyGuide"


Note the category for softwares which are on the G2 Grid.



Click on "Digital Adoption Platform Software"

8) Click on "View Grid"


Here is the  "G2 Grid for Digital Adoption Platform"

It is just like Gartner’s magic quadrant review model. 


The reviews submitted to G2 Crowd are available for public consumption. An individual researching software can build their profile and filter information provided by reviewers similar to themselves based on company size, user role and user industry.


Enjoy G2 Grid. Enjoy B2B Software Shopping with G2..